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My Story So Far...

January 2012

It is with great sadness we have to tell everyone that our dear little Maxie passed to the bridge recently. She was such a brave and special dog who came to us n August 2010 after her owner was moved in to a home and Maxie became an orphan. A very unsettling time for her as her then foster carer suddenly decided she didnt want to keep her and dumped her in her owners solicitors office and left her.   At a loss of what to do with her, we were contacted..... and ofcourse we stepped in to help this dear girl... given her age (c10yrs) and the fact she had then to have veterinary treatment for her eye which was in a bad state, resulting in it having to be removed...it could have been very different story for her.  However, with CCR she immediately went into one of our fantastic foster homes and lived happily with Karen for many months, with lots of people feeling sorry for her plight, but no one willing to give her the forever home she so very much deserved... however her forever home finally came to her and what a wonderful, perfect home it was.... with Julie and Colin - we will let Julie tell her story from here......

From the moment I set eyes on Maxie, I loved her.  We’d gone to visit her at Karen’s, the lovely lady who had been fostering her whilst she was waiting for her forever home, and when this little dog trotted into the room that was it:  I was smitten.  Despite being deaf and almost totally blind, Maxie had made herself at home amongst Karen’s other dogs miraculously finding her way around the house and garden by, literally, following her nose.  Apparently she had been rehomed twice but had been returned to foster-care. What!!! How could anyone’s heart not have melted at the sight of this brave little girl who had been through so much? To have Maxie come and join our little family of rescued mutts was a privilege and I felt so lucky to have the pleasure of sharing my home with such a treasure.


Over the coming Spring, Summer and Autumn months, Maxie settled in with us as if she’d lived here all her life and, oh, how I wish that she had;  she found her way around the garden and house (I made sure that things weren’t moved around so that she was always able to follow her own ‘map’ of her surroundings), she enjoyed pottering along across the fields on our walks and, best of all, she was never alone but had the constant company of us and her new gang.  She tucked into the special meals I prepared for her and she knew exactly where her duvet and fleecy blanket was when she wanted to curl up and relax. 


Sadly, Maxie had several health problems, one of which was a suspected tumour on her liver and, in January, we noticed that she was drinking a lot more water than usual and that she seemed to be a bit confused  -  nevertheless, she carried on like the little trouper she was but, one Sunday, she collapsed and we called the vet out;  Alison came and told me what I already knew, that the time had come to say ‘good-bye’............


Maxie was a little dog with a determination to make the best of what life had thrown at her:  she was a gentle soul yet possessed that Jack Russell spirit that shone through her adversity.  She had such a pretty, sweet face and a character to match  -  I miss her so much but try to imagine her on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge where I’m sure she will have been welcomed by all my other beloved dogs who have gone on ahead and where she will be restored to health and eternal happiness. God knows she deserves it.  Goodbye, little girl, and thank you for bringing such joy into our lives.

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