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My Story So Far...


Some thought Shonna – a Jack Russell Staffy cross -  a bit of an ugly duckling.  Others saw straight to who she was: an endearing, extraordinary little dog, with the most resilient, affectionate personality.  She was one of those rare dogs who somehow found her way to the hearts of all who met her.  This was how she managed to be rescued from her rather dire situation with a previous owner who was unable to care for her properly.  Two visiting strangers met Shonna and were immediately concerned for her - and Shonna ensured that they didn’t forget her!  Before too long she was rescued and came to CCR where she was fostered by Julie and Phil.  Within a few days she stopped being depressed and within a week she found her ‘bark’ again.  You wouldn’t have recognised her after 2 weeks; full of beans, highly responsive to whatever she was required to do – even in the middle of chasing a cat she would screech to a halt and come back if called!  And always, whenever anyone so much as looked at her, she would wag that little tail so fast it went bang-bang-bang-bang and melt you with her eyes.  Someone said of her, ‘those eyes talk’ – indeed they did.

After 2 months with her foster carers, she found her forever home with David.  She chose David the moment she saw him – practically licking him to death. They had 2 very happy months together and her foster carer was lucky enough to visit – Shonna was in great spirits, having her owner around all day long at her beck and call!  Very sadly, she quite suddenly became ill with a  high temperature.  After a week of investigations, she was kept in hospital with a diagnosis of MRSA.  The vet and the vet nurses totally  fell in love with her, and fought hard to save her, but were sadly unable to do so. 

We don’t know anything about her first owner or her early years, or how she ended up in the RSPCA where her previous owner had found her.  But I suspect she started life very happy and very loved, and that is certainly how she ended it.  She certainly brought tremendous happiness and joy to everyone who knew her, and seemed to have great faith in every human being she met, regardless of what she may once have suffered at their hands.


Shonna may have passed over the Bridge, but she has left behind her a legacy of hearts deeply touched, and profoundly changed, by her very existence in our lives.


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