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My Story So Far...

Some of the dogs that we meet through CCR touch us like no other and we realise that they were meant to come to us and share something with us.  We are privalidged to have shared part of their life....and often these dogs are the ones that keep us going in the tough, hard rescue world.  Zebedy is one of those dogs.  We very sadly had to let him go to the Bridge this summer.... the sweetest, most gentle boy who touched every single person who met him... even the Vet that came to help him on his next journey could feel, on meeting him, just how special Zeb was....  Thank you Zebedy for giving us all so much... and we hope we are able to give you something back too for the short time you were with us....  Run free you very special boy....

Zebedys Story 
Zebedy an elderly collie boy who due to a relationship breakdown sadly had to find a rescue place otherwise the future looked very bleak for him.... no one really wants an old, wobbly, weak legged collie who probably hasnt got that much longer to live do they..... rescues are full to the brim.... and often need to make way for the younger more re-homeable dog.... and even if a rescue place could be found... is it really fair to see a dog like Zeb in cold, noisy, bewildering kennels, continuely overlooked, and ending his days there, alone and unloved? When for all his life he had given so much to humans companions.  This happens to MANY old dogs in the UK on a daily basis. This wasnt to happen to Zeb and CCR stepped in and offered Zeb a warm loving secure home  for the rest of his days.... and it was during this time we very quickly realised just how special this boy was.
Zebedee was the most beautiful, gentle and loving boy. His two favourite things in life were, going for a walk and fetching balls. Even though he struggled to stand up at times he could still move at speed if he caught site of a lead or a tennis ball. He would often sit in the middle of the garden barking for attention until someone would go out and play with him and he was always first out the front door on a walk. He loved all people and could take any amount of fuss and cuddles from anyone. Zebedee only lived with us for eight months but from day one we knew he was very special and fell in love with him. We miss him very much.
If we havent got an oldie you could foster or offer a home to please take a few moments to look at www.oldies.org.uk  a rescue website dedicated to helping dogs just like our dear Zebedy.

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