News + Thanks

23rd June 2012 - we had lots of fun at Stow Vets Fun Day! We met lots of lovely people who came over to chat to us and make a fuss of Betty and Tiny who were in attendance! They enjoyed all the attention too! Also at the event was Fat Beagle Photography who hopefully will do some shots of some of our dogs in the future! Absolutely fantastic photography... take a look....



June 2012 Many thanks to Chipping Norton Dog Training Club who held their agility weekend and with Joanne Cleeve who does doggie massage raised a fabulous £50 for us!


Our thanks to Crofts Pet Supplies in Banbury, who kindly donated some plastic dog beds to us! Fantastic pet store in Banbury, go give them a visit!




IF YOU CANT FIND A DOG ON OUR SITE THAT INTERESTS YOU, PLEASE LOOK AT THE FOLLOWING SITES/RESCUES:-  (a wonderful website which has dogs from reputable rescues throughout the UK and includes private rehomings too)

or  (a rescue we work closely with and who is based near Bicester)


Fantastic dog grooming service in Churchill, Chipping Norton! Marianne is a big supporter of CCR and we hear great things about her talents! Give her a try!


Ongoing thanks to Stow Veterinary Practice who support CCR and especially our number one foster carer Carrie who works at Stow.



Big thanks to Berties Daddy (see Bertie on dogs rehomed page) who felt so happy with the most wonderful Bertie
(and who wouldnt be!) he donated some extra £'s to us this week as another thank you...a year later!  Its people like you
that help the rescue keep going and enables us to continue helping dogs that are in need... thank you so much!



Huge thanks to the Howard family who so kindly donated four huge bags of food for our fur babies and a very
generous donation of some money as well to help our dogs.... so kind of you... we were very touched..thank
you so much!!