Dogs Rehomed


My Story So Far...

Bracken has a sad story to tell. We found out about Brackens plight with a phone call from our Vets one Tuesday morning. She was in the surgery with her elderly, terminaly ill owner, and she was there tragically to be put to sleep. Her owner had little time left in his own life and didnt think he had another option for his dog. Bracken was just 2 years old!!!!!  Ofcourse CCR would have stepped in whatever the age of her, but it would have been a complete travisty for a young dog like Bracken to have lost her life through absolutely no fault of her own and tragic circumstances for her owner....  he left in tears but safe in the knowledge Bracken would be cared for by CCR for the rest of her life. We hope that gave him some comfort at a very difficult time for him.
Bracken stayed with us for just three days.... and in that time, built up a huge fan club!!!.... possibly the reason she was noticed sooo much was her errr.... size..... Bracken had been over fed by her owner since he had got her a year earlier from another rescue.... and she was well... completely obese!!!!! A huge barrel resting on spindly terrier legs! A dreadful sight!!! But her weight didnt stop her winning absolutely everyone she met over...... we could have rehomed this girl 10x over!   But we instantly knew the perfect home for her..... with a wonderful couple and their other rescue dog Shandy.  So off she went to a small village outside Chipping Norton and the hardwork with her diet began! Her new owners have put in incredible hard work and she has lost over 7kg in the last three months. Absolutely amazing! We think she should be entered for 'Dog Slimmer of the Year!'
Sadly about six weeks ago, Bracken had an encounter with a horse box on one of her many daily country walks.... the horsebox ran her over...
she was rushed into the vets, where it was discovered she had a broken pelvis. After several major operations and complete rest and lots more hard work by her devoted owners (oh and a rather large vet bill!) Bracken is well on the road to recovery!
We think she may have lost one of her lives.... but her spirit through all of this just shows how very special this girl is....  pics to follow of new streamlined Bracken and once again all our thanks to her oh so dedicated Mum and Dad.