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My Story So Far...

UPDATE: Poppy is going on trial in a new home. Watch this space!

This beautiful girl is Springer Spaniel x Collie and she will be  3yrs old in June. She is energetic, intelligent and learns quickly. She would like an active home where she can have long walks and preferably some training as she loves to work for treats. She is a very affectionate girl, loves to sit on your lap, look at you with doughy eyes and very gently stroke your face with her paw, when she wants attention. What's not to love! She is great with people but she can get very excited and bouncy so can not live with young children but teenagers would be ok. She can live with dogs, but again has a very high play drive so might be too much for an older, quieter dog. Definitely no cats as she will chase. She does have a good re-call off lead but sometimes has selective hearing if she is focused on a scent. She never goes far though, especially if you have food. She is neutered, vaccinated and chipped.