Dogs In Need


My Story So Far...

Sam is a loving, talkative, Malamute x Husky boy. He will be 4yrs old in June and is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

He came to us as his previous home was unsuitable and unable to cope with his needs. He adores people and would love a home with experienced owners who are around for most of the day. He is fine being left for up to 4hrs, quickly settling down until his family return home and then its time for cuddles and kisses!

Sam is an active boy and will need regular exercise. He also loves to run and play tug and he will do anything for a treat with great enthusiasm. 

He does have a thick, dense coat and will need regular grooming to keep it in good condition. In the summer months, he likes to jump in water to keep him self cool.

Sam would rather be an only dog as he is nervous and unsettled around strange dogs, although with gentle introductions he can be playful with the right lady. No boys invited and no cats.

Poppy is the current love of his life.

Due to his size we can not re-home with young children although he is fine meeting them on walks. We have been doing some training with him to keep him calm when seeing other dogs on walks and you will have his full attention with a tasty treat and praise but this needs to be continued and built upon.

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