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Basil came to us nearly 2 years ago after he very sadly had to be rehomed by his adoring owner due to snapping at the toddler in   the household. Since her arrival a few years ago, Basil had changed, almost overnight. He became very protective and wary of many, many situations that he had previously had no problem with.  Basil had been rehomed once but it hadnt worked out as Basil had become too attached to his new mummy which was causing problems with the other resident pets.... so two weeks later he came in to rescue with us.

After many many months of waiting for someone to understand him, we rehomed him to what we thought was an ideal home... all was going well.... but unfortunately Basil was returned to rescue months later... again. He had snapped at a member of the family... we were at a loss at what to do with poor confused Basil.  We have a non pts policy, but life was looking very bleak for Basil. Once again he was with us for many many months... sat paitiently waiting while other dogs were chosen and went off happily to their new homes... Basil is a confused boy and it seems very few people want a dog that cant be rehomed with children and has issues.... it looked as if Bas was going to become a permanent fixture at CCR until.... well we will let Bas tell his story...



Baz's Winter Warmer


I have had a very very eventful few months and have been soo busy I haven't had time to give you a catch up! right where shall I start........
In November I was taken one day by my Mum to see this lady in her house it was all very strange, she poked me with a stick and then dropped it next to me so I just looked at Mum to say whats she doing? and I got some praise and treat?????? then the lady got me to sit and gave me a treat and mum brushed me and I got some more treats?? still confused Mum and the lady were very happy with me. I didnt hear anymore for a while then Mum explained that I was a Pets As Therapy dog now and had passed all my tests, I found this weird as I just passed being fussed and given food! ideal!!! basically its quite an honour and now I can go and see elderly or poorly people and get fuss and food :0) I cant wait we are just waiting on a placement.( I have attached my certificate so you can see its true!)
I have also been a little naughty, but again I was scared! I got left alone one day with a big chew bone while Mum and Dad went out after a while of chewing there was big bangs outside and whistles and I hate these things I have heard them before... when Mum is here I can jump on her lap and I am safe but when they are out what could I do?? so I decided that there was a big fat cable under the desk and that might stop the noises if i chewed through it! it did stop noises but not the ones I wanted...the big screen went blank but there was still bangs and whistles so I just sat and waited til Mum and Dad came back. Dad wasnt happy but didn't shout at me although the big screen didn't go on for days so I am not sure what I did!!!
December was also exciting with lots of white stuff!! I have been to see my friend Max a few times and we get on like a house on fire now, when we go for walks we chase around although he has a weird fixation for balls? can't see the point myself but he loves them so he chases them I chase him perfect!!
Another strange thing happened as well we don't live in our house anymore.. just before the tree came in the house we moved, it was all weird and I didn't like it as its sooo big I keep getting lost, which means unfortunately I had a few accidents as I couldn't find my Mum or the outside!! but luckily now I have it all sorted again! I have the roam of all the downstairs of this huge house its great now I know Mum and Dad are always around somewhere its fine, I used to follow them everywhere all day and I was always exhausted!! but then I found the joys of the fire and I will just lay there all day if I'm allowed.I have been really spoilt and allowed to do all sorts of naughty things in the new house but alas they are being strict again now guess it couldn't last forever! 
we had the foreest in our house for a while as well!! we had the biggest tree ever with sparkles on it and lights Mum told me it was 16ft tall (I have attached a picture for you!) it was enormous but I didn't dare try and tinkle on it incase it fell on me!!!
As we are not anywhere near where we were before there is all new walks to although I think mum liked the forest before as we could get lost for hours, here we keep finding men in leaf suits with guns which is scary!!! but I guess we will get better at walks as time goes by mum was the master before in the forest!
we have done some more running over poles and tunnels and I was soo close to getting a ribbon but I was a bit slow so I must be getting better, I am sure if my friend Max tried it he would be ace he is really fast!! Mum seems to like him so maybe we will see him again soon its such a shame he can't find a forever Mum and Dad like lucky old me.
Got to go walks a calling!
Licks and Wags
Baz xx

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