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Basil came to us nearly 2 years ago after he very sadly had to be rehomed by his adoring owner due to snapping at the toddler in   the household. Since her arrival a few years ago, Basil had changed, almost overnight. He became very protective and wary of many, many situations that he had previously had no problem with.  Basil had been rehomed once but it hadnt worked out as Basil had become too attached to his new mummy which was causing problems with the other resident pets.... so two weeks later he came in to rescue with us.

After many many months of waiting for someone to understand him, we rehomed him to what we thought was an ideal home... all was going well.... but unfortunately Basil was returned to rescue months later... again. He had snapped at a member of the family... we were at a loss at what to do with poor confused Basil.  We have a non pts policy, but life was looking very bleak for Basil. Once again he was with us for many many months... sat paitiently waiting while other dogs were chosen and went off happily to their new homes... Basil is a confused boy and it seems very few people want a dog that cant be rehomed with children and has issues.... it looked as if Bas was going to become a permanent fixture at CCR until.... well we will let Bas tell his story...



Baz's Autumn Update


Hiya Guys Baz here, I know its been a while but I like to save all my stories up for one good blog 

In the last few months I have been very busy with my mum doing lots of jumping and tunnels!! I have seen millions of dogs in these fields and I am always very good and concentrate on Mum more than anything as I don't want to loose her at these places someone might steal her. I have tried a few sneaky things as I was making it easy for Mum as I just did the jumps and tunnels myself hee hee so I have tried having a tinkle on the jumps on the way round which unfortunately she has foiled already!! My new trick is to turn and run when Mum says OK for me to start which again she has stopped me doing !!! Is there anything she doesnt know how to stop!! I love her to bits but she is too clever for me and my cheekiness.
I did worry a lot this month though as my Mum and Dad left one day and didnt come back...... but Grandma and Grandad came to get me later I was all very confused where Mum had gone?  I did behave myself at my holiday home just incase Mum was watching me as I didnt want to get in trouble. After a few days Grandma took me home and we sat in the office for a while then to my ecstatic joy Mum and Dad came in the front door .... how happy I was to see them I was beginning to wonder if they had decided they didnt want me anymore but alas they came back to me I was so excited I jumped all over them and licked them lots..... PANIC OVER...
I have had a great deal of lovely walks in the woods with Mum, she likes I'm sure to see how far I can walk before my legs drop off as sometimes we are gone for 2hrs and she soo doesnt walk slow! I have to jog to keep up with her although I guess its good for me as when the man in a white coat saw me he said I looked soo much better and was 7.2 what ever that means ?? I was 9.2?!! not sure what that is but I know I can run faster now.
I did get scared one day, I get let out in the morning by Dad when he goes out in the morning then mum comes and feeds and takes me for walks. But this morning Dad let me out which was normal but then after a while there was this incessant beep it was driving me mad beep beep beep arrgh I went into the garden to get away from it as it seemed to be in my office.... I could still hear it!  so I barked to tell Mum she didn't come so I had to resort to chewing the wooden thing that was stopping me getting away from it..... after much chewing I managed to get away and happily as I got away from the beep Dad arrived in his box. Dad was confused how  was outside the front of the house and brought me back in to that beep again although he did make it be quiet quickly. Then he saw my chewing and wasnt very happy! I also wasnt allowed in the garden on my own for a few days as they didn't want me to chew again I think! Shortly after this day a brand new large wooden chew appeared and then I was allowed in the garden once more.... although I hope I never hear the beep ever again and don't fancy chewing that wood its much thicker than the last one!
I have been to see Gary and Ali as well as I like to not let them forget me! and I saw my old girlfriend Chloe she didn't find her forever home and has been brought back which is a shame I feel so special now as I still have a Mum and Dad that love me loads and spoil me rotten. I also saw Butch as well I haven't seen him in ages and we caught up on all the latest gossip.
Anyhow I must fly I am being called for dinner.
Licks and Wags 
Baz xxx 

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