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Basil came to us nearly 2 years ago after he very sadly had to be rehomed by his adoring owner due to snapping at the toddler in   the household. Since her arrival a few years ago, Basil had changed, almost overnight. He became very protective and wary of many, many situations that he had previously had no problem with.  Basil had been rehomed once but it hadnt worked out as Basil had become too attached to his new mummy which was causing problems with the other resident pets.... so two weeks later he came in to rescue with us.

After many many months of waiting for someone to understand him, we rehomed him to what we thought was an ideal home... all was going well.... but unfortunately Basil was returned to rescue months later... again. He had snapped at a member of the family... we were at a loss at what to do with poor confused Basil.  We have a non pts policy, but life was looking very bleak for Basil. Once again he was with us for many many months... sat paitiently waiting while other dogs were chosen and went off happily to their new homes... Basil is a confused boy and it seems very few people want a dog that cant be rehomed with children and has issues.... it looked as if Bas was going to become a permanent fixture at CCR until.... well we will let Bas tell his story...



Baz The Winner


Hi Guys Baz here, I have had a very busy month this month since mum discovered I was good at winning the ribbons I have done lots of the days with all the other dogs and people and have a grand total of 9 ribbons now and one of the ribbons I got came with a bag of dog food yum yum!! then I had to back in the field again with the other dogs I had seen before, but mum seemed pleased with me so of course I got food!! I have also been doing lots of jumping and tunnels I do this once a week with a group of dogs and people and a lady called Fran. She is a nice lady as long as I behave and gives me treats after I finish a hill or row of jumps. I am now getting quite good at the long hill that moves, I am not that sure of it yet but as with all of the things I'm sure it wont hurt me I just need to be brave. Me and Mum have had great fun investigating the woods near our house we go out for hours on end exploring new routes I am sure Mum gets lost sometimes but I dont mind as I get a longer walk! I have had a couple of days that I spend alone and then Nan or Grandad comes to let me out, I think thats when Mum and Dad are busy but I dont mind as when I'm with them I have soo much fun I can just snooze the time away I spend alone and they come back really quickly then. This month I had a long journey in the car and at the end mum got me out so I could go for a wee, the place I was seemed very familier..... then as I was trotting along the road next to Mum I saw someone.... was it.... never could be..... YES it was my bestest friend ever in the world..ALI!!!!! I ran down the path when Mum said it was ok and I jumped licked and wagged my little bottom til it nearly fell off !!! how glad I was to see her again she looked after me for ages and I love her very much how was she here? then I realised I was at my old road and then I saw ..... GARY!!! My other bestest friend ever again I was soo excited I nearly exploded!!! i wasn't sure when Mum took me to the door as I have seen this too many times and then my new home always walks away! but this time I stayed very close to her, all my friends were outside so I didn't get trodden on thankfully as I dont like to be grumpy but when people stand on me I have to speak up!! After I had had lots of belly rubs and loving my Mum took me home thank you thank you Mum!! it was nice to see my bestest friends but nice to be on my own again. We drove a little down the roads then we stopped again, this time I saw Lucie the nice lady that helped me originally and found me Gary and Ali to stay with. She came out and gave me lots of fuss then there was two mad dogs and two little people! one dog Murph was huge and black but quite chilled out I liked him, but the other Flynn kept trying to talk down to me and push me around but I wasn't having that so I snapped at him to get him away which seemed to work as he gave me a wide bearth from then onwards. The little people were ok to they seemed to leave me alone although the very small one nearly lost his balance once so I just moved so he didn't sit on me! We had a nice walk and the two dogs kept jumping in the water but it looked to deep for me they are much bigger than me. Then after all that excitement we went home to my little haven of peace and quiet. Gotta dash its dinner time! until next month Licks and Wags Baz xxxxx

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