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Basil came to us nearly 2 years ago after he very sadly had to be rehomed by his adoring owner due to snapping at the toddler in   the household. Since her arrival a few years ago, Basil had changed, almost overnight. He became very protective and wary of many, many situations that he had previously had no problem with.  Basil had been rehomed once but it hadnt worked out as Basil had become too attached to his new mummy which was causing problems with the other resident pets.... so two weeks later he came in to rescue with us.

After many many months of waiting for someone to understand him, we rehomed him to what we thought was an ideal home... all was going well.... but unfortunately Basil was returned to rescue months later... again. He had snapped at a member of the family... we were at a loss at what to do with poor confused Basil.  We have a non pts policy, but life was looking very bleak for Basil. Once again he was with us for many many months... sat paitiently waiting while other dogs were chosen and went off happily to their new homes... Basil is a confused boy and it seems very few people want a dog that cant be rehomed with children and has issues.... it looked as if Bas was going to become a permanent fixture at CCR until.... well we will let Bas tell his story...



Baz'a Summer Sizzler


Hiya Guys Baz here!
Just a quick update of whats going on. I have been a very busy boy in the last few months what with settling in my new home, getting a BIG brother, more shows and having my regular visits to the white house for treats and fussing I haven't had time to think!
My new home is very cool now I have worked out that I can wander all over the bottom floor wherever I like and Mum and Dad are still there when I wander back. I now have a nice new garden with a big fence all round to keep me safe, I love my garden as the squirrels run across the fencing and I can chase and chase them! one day I will get one, not sure what I will do with him if I do but I will decide that when it happens.
Me and Mum have found lots of new walks around our new home which are great there are lots of smells in the woods so I spend ages running along sniffing and chasing rabbits bliss! Unfortunately where Me and Mum used to walk with my friends had a fire so we cant walk there now as there are no trees and I would get all black from the charcoal, although I am sure it will grow back soon and we can go there again as it is my favourite place.
Mum has got me a rather BIG BIG brother!! I quite like him as I get to share his yummy food sometimes and he doesn't share our home he lives in a field or big wooden box so  I still get Mum to myself most of the time. He is called Arthur, like me Mum rescued him as he was going to be PTS. Arthur is only 6yrs old but Mum said he was a handful like me so noone wanted him. I have been up the stables loads seeing Mum making him better he is a bit excitable so I have to make sure I don't stand too close as he might stand on me and that would HURT!! I have made some new friends up the stables especially lou lou a little white dog I like to chase her round when I am not chasing the horses! Although Mum tells me off for that! 
I have been doing very well with my ribbons for jumps and tunnels I even managed to get two in one day!! (see attached) Mum says I am getting really quick so I should get more ribbons yeay! I now have 14 in total so not bad for an old boy eh! I will try and get better than a green one as thats the best one I have yet I will keep you posted if I do!
Mum and Dad went away for a week so I got to stay at Grandma and Grandad's house which I always love as I get lots of treats and they have a furry floor so its comfy wherever I lay! also I get to bark and bark at the dogs next door through the fence which is my favourite pass time as Archie always barks back hee hee great fun! I had a great surprise when the jumps and tunnels lady came to collect me on Thursday though! I though I was going to miss my class but the lady came to collect me so I could do it without Mum. I was a bit unsure but in the end she did have food so I chased her as quick as I could and sure enough I got some good treats yeay! it was good fun but I was happy to know I was going back to grandma's after as I can't cope with too many changes at one time.
Then Mum and Dad came to collect me and all was back to normal phew!!!
I have also worked out that I am a bit of a super star! I have been visiting a white house regularly and seeing some lovely ladies that give me a big fuss and treats which I thought was nice enough but they have my name on an activity list and plan their days around seeing little old me how cool is that!!! when I see them I just have to wag my tail and go over to them for a fuss and they love it and I get even more fuss and food! Mum tells me this is being a Pets As Therapy dog so I am very much liking it!
Must dash squirrels to chase!
Licks and Wags
Baz xxx

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