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Basil came to us nearly 2 years ago after he very sadly had to be rehomed by his adoring owner due to snapping at the toddler in   the household. Since her arrival a few years ago, Basil had changed, almost overnight. He became very protective and wary of many, many situations that he had previously had no problem with.  Basil had been rehomed once but it hadnt worked out as Basil had become too attached to his new mummy which was causing problems with the other resident pets.... so two weeks later he came in to rescue with us.

After many many months of waiting for someone to understand him, we rehomed him to what we thought was an ideal home... all was going well.... but unfortunately Basil was returned to rescue months later... again. He had snapped at a member of the family... we were at a loss at what to do with poor confused Basil.  We have a non pts policy, but life was looking very bleak for Basil. Once again he was with us for many many months... sat paitiently waiting while other dogs were chosen and went off happily to their new homes... Basil is a confused boy and it seems very few people want a dog that cant be rehomed with children and has issues.... it looked as if Bas was going to become a permanent fixture at CCR until.... well we will let Bas tell his story...



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Hi Guys Baz here!   I have had a very eventful last month I have to say! mostly I have discovered that if I snap at anything or bark I have this god awful noise go off near my ears!! but